13 disgusting and pointless kitchen utensils NO need

Most of us have kitchen drawers full of equipment that we use often, rarely or never when we are cooking. These kitchen utensils are definitely in the category of “kitchen utensils you will most likely never use”:

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  2. Get square eggs?
    25 εξαρτήματα για την κουζίνα που θα κάνουν το μαγείρεμα πιο ...
  3. This separates the egg white from the plum:
    Snot nosed egg separator.
  4. Pinch to record whole pickles?
  5. Stand that helps you pour from large cartons:
    Keep the Receipt: Useless Kitchen Gadget Gifts | Weird kitchen ...
  6. Melon peels there:
  7. For those who do not want to crack eggs themselves; An egg-cracker. Okay!
  8. Everybody needs an asparagus peeler… Or?
  9. A ketchup bottle-hold?
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  10. For those who miss making little balls with melon:
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  11. For those who HATE to have to cut chives too many times:
    Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors
  12. Skull-shaped egg:
    Skull-Shaped Boiled Egg Mold
  13. Need a corn flask holder? Do you?
    Triceratops Corn Holder

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