BREAKING NEWS: More migrants arrested for smuggling in hopes and dreaming of a better life for Norway

A large proportion of migrants have been arrested in recent years for repeatedly trying to smuggle in hopes of a better life to Norway. “We see that many migrants smuggle hope, the desire for a bomb-free everyday life and not least the dream of a better life” says a police officer in the unit group “Throw Out”. It is tasked with evicting migrants who smuggle hopes and dreams

Want an end
to smuggling
In recent years, in line with war and poverty, there have been an increase in the number of cases where migrants smuggle in hope to Norway.. “We see that many people think they can smuggle in hope of a life without torture to Norway without being punished. That’s what we have to end.” says Member of Parliament for FRP Lars Baltasar Ut Med You to eAvisa

Hope hopes will disappear
from Norway
A number of politicians agree that people from war-torn areas with poverty do not belong in rich and safe Norway. “No, they don’t fit in here. They belong in poverty and war and not in such a rich country as Norway” says a white man of 44 years with extensive NAV support. He hopes the smuggling of hopes and dreams of a safe everyday life disappears from the Norwegian borders

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