14 katter som er skikkelig drittsekker mot hunder

One would think that dogs were superior cats since they are obviously both bigger and have more frightening teeth. But no, it’s often the other way around. These pictures show that cats often treat dogs very badly and get away with it

  1. Please Call Master For Help. I Am Trapped In The Corner By Vicious Beasts
  2. They Were Both Sleeping 3 Minutes Ago
  3. I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void
  4. The Real Murderer Is In Your House
  5. I'm Fine
  6. My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed
  7. Poor Dog
  8. Dog Lost Today
  9. I Picked My Dog Up From The Groomers And My Cat Isn't Too Pleased I Brought Her Back
  10. Send Me The Catnip And The Dog Lives
  11. My Cat Thinks He's A Dog. And My Dog Is Unamused
  12. This Is An Obstacle My Dog Faces Every Day

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