“There is no doubt that sheep meat is carcinogenic” says slaughter-ready sheep

All research shows that you get cancer, boils on the face and small pee if you eat sheep meat” says Berit. She is a 7 year old sheep who can tell about really bad mood on the farm where she lives. “Everyone walks around feeling the mood now as it approaches Christmas”she says

Stick meat is
not good
Berit believes sheep meat should not be eaten by neither humans nor wolves. “We contribute with wool and it should hold. You don’t have to eat us as well.She’s going to be a good one. Berit and 102 other sheep have been in a bad mood ever since they heard a Christmas song was played on the radio in early November. “It went through all of us when we heard Maria Mena on the radio as yet another informed that she wanted to go home for Christmas,” says Berit more easily stated

Cheers for
There’s so much good food now that’s plant-based,”says Berit. She mentions the nut test as a clear favourite for Christmas dinner. “Yes or rib. Feel free to eat ribs, but eat for God’s sake not stick meat. Then you get really sick and will most likely die.” ends the scared little sheep while making a very cute face in the hope that it will help

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