This should Reality Contestants and Influencer Wannabee’s read with LUPE!

6 Solutions to Selfie Addiction to All Influences wannabee’s

Many have become “selfie addicts” in recent years. The problem lies in the ever-increasing appearance focus that social media and last year’s reality series focusing on tits and low IQ entail.

These eponymous “legends” inspire anyone who looks on to an overcritical focus on their own appearance – and it never leads to anything good.

Just the fact that we can all easily retouch and edit our own appearance has a very negative effect on the self-image. Nor does it help to be exposed daily by this season’s influencer wannabee’s in the tabloids.

So, what are you going to do?

Whether you feel you’re spending too much time on social media and body-focused reality shows, or feel it’s negatively affecting you, it’s already a problem. Addiction is a lot about lack of control – you depend on something, it controls you, to a greater or lesser extent. You can take some measures to minimize the negative effect:

  1. Start by thinking about how much time you spend taking a single selfie. Do you have 75 photos on your phones before you started editing or selection? Possibly a little too much.
  • Do not use filter. Filter twists on reality and anyone who follows you will be disappointed in reality, which in turn can give you social anxiety.
  • Do not post several times every day. Don’t let what others do on social media dictate your behavior.
  • Are you running away from something– and seeking attention on social media to forget your feelings a little? Find out what it is and talk to someone about it.
  • Try to go offline. Try it for a while and see how you feel. Work with your offline life
  • Make a list of things you’d rather do than spend time on social media.

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