17 bilder som viser at katter gir blaffen i intimsoner

If you have a cat, you know that they mostly think about themselves and then themselves one more time. When cats rarely want close contact, it should be on their primisses. Here’s the evidence that cats really don’t care about breaking intimacy zones:

  1. Cats Really Don't Care About Your Privacy
  2. Cats Really Don't Care About Your Privacy
  3. 187 Cats That Don't Care About Your Personal Space | Bored Panda
  4. There is no privacy in the life of a cat owner. | Cat owners, Funny cats, Animals and pets
  5. Teemo Trying To Get My Attention While Working
  6. This Is A Perfect Place For Me To Sit
  7. Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy
  8. Cat Ownership Summed Up
  9. She's Actually Terrifying
  10. Stop Using That iPad. I Want Attention!
  11. I'll Just Lay Here
  12. Oh Hi! Were You Reading?
  13. You Will Have No Alone Time. Ever.
  14. What Do You Mean You Have To Study?
  15. Best Place To Sit
  16. Please Be My Pillow

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