THE LATEST: The Association of Introverts believes the government is missing out. “We should stay inside for 2-3 years” they rage

After the government this week gave clear signals that opening Norway more or less normal again, more people are reacting. Many men with a home office think it is too early to let up, but the strongest counter-reactions come from the Norwegian slightly anonymous association for “Introverte who thrives in their own company” which is headquartered at home.

Should keep us at home for
2-3 years
Head of the association for introvert Sissel Alene Tid tells eAvisa that she and all her members react strongly to the fact that the society should now reopen. “We think this is way too soon. The risk of infection is enormous and many millions of Norwegians could die. We think people should stay under one wool blanket in front of the tv for another 2-3 years. Only then are we sure” she says via a text message. Video interview was completely out of the question to attend

Many who agree
The association has many supporters. Men with home office, lazy people, the association for sick leavers with chronic pain in the will and a number of alcoholics believe people should stay at home for a long time to come. “The government must take the signal, we are many hundreds of people who will not out of our apartments until 2-3 years” concludes Sissel Alene Time

What do you mean? Should Norway stay at home for many years to come or should we start everyday life again?

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