Man (49 years old) realises he has spent 7 years of his life waiting for his wife as ‘immediately’ is finished

Magne Bottolf Kålvått from Rismøkkfjord is annoyed. It all started with him being annoyed with his wife for once again having to wait for her to “immediately” get ready. He then became annoyed with himself when he calculated that since they married 16 years ago he has spent seven years of his life waiting for his wife to “get ready immediately”

Never wait again
As a result of the hard truth, Magne has decided that he will never again wait for his wife. “Either she’s ready at the agreed time or I’m leaving without her”says a determined Magne as he tightens his lower lip as a sign that he really is serious. “I sit and wait like a wad several hours each week. This is so stupid, I get embarrassed. he says

have to wait a little bit more.
Furthermore, Magne says that his wife is never ready when they are going anywhere. “No, she’s either going to do some makeup, change a dress or check her hair just when I’ve put on shoes and outerwear. It makes me sit in the hallway like a jerk to just wait” he says. His wife, on the other hand, says Magne is a dramqueen and that he will have to endure waiting for her to “immediately” be ready in the next few years. “He’ll probably be sitting waiting ahead too yes, he’s just roaring a little with his feathers right now, but he’s expecting himto “smile a confident lady who goes to change her socks. “Just wait a minute for Magne, I’ll be right there,” she says.

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