Study shows that ugly people are for face masks while beautiful people are against

A comprehensive study conducted by the State Center for Interpersonal Relations shows that there is a very shared opinion about how okay it is to wear face masks. “We see that those people who have pretty faces and who can be described as attractive do not want to wear face masks” says doctor and researcher Lars Larsotta Larsen to eAvisa

Ugly people are too
A group that, on the other hand, thinks face masks are fine are the ugly people. “Yes they have no problems with this. On the contrary, we see that the ugly people really want to wear face masks” says the scientist. ” In addition, we see from the study that the beautiful people think it is perfectly okay that the ugly people wear face masks as long as they themselves release” he says

Divides society into 2
The study shows with this that society can be largely divided into 2 parts; Ugly people and pretty people. “Both groups are equally worthwhile, but most people realize that pretty people are better off and more easily getting the good jobs,” says the researcher. The study also shows that the pretty people are often no more than a pretty face. “Yes that’s right. The group of attractive people are often self-absorbed and work very often as bloggers” concludes the renowned scientist

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