LATEST CORONA NEWS: Government sends kids back to school to see what happens

The government decided today that the children in Norway should be back on the school bench. “Wehave no idea if this is dangerous or not, but we quickly get answers for sure,”says an infectious disease expert who, like most other experts, has no idea about the Corona virus.

Trying us
In other words, the government is as excited as both parents and grandparents if this will go well. When young children are back at school over Easter comes the answer; Is this going well or not. If the children stay healthy, they’ll be fine, but if the kids get extremely sick, it’s not going so well. Yes, yes… “We don’t see any reason not to try our hand at it. You know, finances and things like that.” says the government

Children must follow the rules
At the same time as the children are going back to school, there are important infection control rules that children must follow. Children in grades 1-4 must do as they are told, they must follow all the rules. “Experience-wise, these children are the best at listening to adults so we hope and believe that this can somehow go well”says another infectious disease expert who also has no idea what she’s talking about.

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