LATEST: Odd-Vidar (age 56) races. Airlines messed with baggage. Had to fly home in women’s clothes. Whistleblower lawsuits

It was anything but a pleasant trip back from Copenhagen for director Odd-Vidar Vom this week. Odd-Vidar had been at a necessary meeting in the Danish capital and expected to bring his own luggage to the hotel

Had changed suitcase
Odd-Vidar travelled lightly and was wearing only a white trouser and a white t-shirt when he arrived in Copenhagen. On the way into the hotel he had a little accident. “Yes I had to spend so much time in the bathroom that I pee little squid all the time on the way up in the hess before I got to my hotel room”says Odd-Vidar. With a urine-filled white trousers, it was only to throw away his pants when he arrived at the hotel. Then he discovered to his great horror that the suitcase he had brought was not his, but a seemingly older lady who obviously wore pink as his favorite color.

Cancelled all meetings
and went home
Odd-Vidar refused to go to business meetings in pink and therefore cancelled all meetings and booked flights home immediately. In the absence of other options, Odd-Vidar had to dress up in the foreign woman’s pink outfit all the way home to Oslo. “I know it might look like this is my fault, but I can’t find myself in that. I’m going to report the airline for everything they have. the pink director on his way out of the arrivals hall at Gardermoen.

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