NEW SHOCK DISCOVERY: Large shoal of carnivorous fish in the Oslo fjord. More bathers bitten

The Norwegian Centre for Fish and Sharks reports several cases where residents in Oslo have been bitten to blood by the fish Haisatanus. The fish is originally a deep-water fish, but has now settled for incomprehensible reasons in the waters around the beaches of the capital

Bites of
Researcher Jan-Adolf Bass tells eAvisa that there are several bathers who have now had their toes bitten on several beaches in Oslo. “Thereare big shoals of this fish in the sea around oslofjoden now and they appear very aggressive”he says. He advises people not to bathe unless they want to risk getting bitten by one or more toes

Sharks and snakes
The researcher further explains that there are not only aggressive meat-eater fish in the sea this year. “No, unfortunately, we are also seeing an explosion of sharks, carcasses and sea lions this year and these are breeds that can normally kill many bathers,” he says. He advises people to stay inside and in any case never again bathe in the sea. That’s how it

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