NEW TREND: Girls take revenge for dickpics. Sending boob pictures to foreign men without asking for it

“It’s time for us girls to catch up” says feminist!

After boys have now for several years sent a picture of their penis to wildly alien girls, a new trend is emerging that allows girls to get revenge for all the unwanted images they have received. Now most girls send boob pictures to the same men who have been harassing them for years!

Time for us to catch up
Feminist and newly divorced Merethe Bess Vom is brilliantly pleased with the new trend. “Yes now the boys can see what it’s like to receive photos they haven’t asked for. Ha ha ha, now we show them” she says smiling and triumphant. She recommends all girls and send pictures of their tits by text message to wild strangers men they’ve never before talked to

Image caption Big cleavage

Sending pictures of tit: Girls all over the country are now taking revenge on boys who have sent the dickpics. Yes here they get to taste their own medicine,” says Veronica Vessvassjordet from Kløfta!

Cursed men across the country
There are reports of furious men all over the Norway. “Thisis not okay” mills Magne Frostveske Hansen. He has received pictures of several tit-for-tat pupa pairs just today. “Now the girls have been complaining about our dickpics for years and then they do this?! Ha! This isn’t fucking okay. I have a wife and children and how on earth should I explain that there are tits on my mobile from all over the country then” he mills, clearly engaged and heated.

What do you mean? is this the right way to get revenge?

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