BREAKING NEWS: Orgasm courses for men who can’t come had to be cancelled as none of the men came

A support group under the auspices of the state had to be cancelled. The support group for men who cannot have an orgasm never got to a start when none of the enrolled men came. “Toobad no one is coming, but we hope these men will come next time”says course manager Konrad Kom Proper to eAvisa

Should stand up
for themselves
The course was set up after several men believed that those who could not have an orgasm should stand up for themselves. “We see that men who struggle with this often do not stand up for themselves. They don’t exactly splash out on confidence to put it that way.” says Konrad. He believes men who struggle to get orgasm often get sucked out of self-esteem

Couldn’t come
eAvisa has been in contact with several of the registered course participants confirming that they had difficulty coming. “I tried but had trouble coming”says one of the participants who did not come. “I tried to come but couldn’t”says another. “In other words, it may seem that men struggling to get orgasm also struggle to get on course” quits the course manager

What do you mean? Do you think men who are struggling to come have trouble coming. A come on a, answer then. Come on…

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