13 unfortunate and embarrassing distinctions you should avoid getting this summer

The sun and the warm degrees have once again come to Norway and most of us appreciate lazy days of swimming and sunbathing. With a few simple steps, you can quickly distinguish from the sun which is fun, embarrassing and very stylish:

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1. When falling asleep with the bottle on your chest:

Came back from the beach with a bit of a sunburn. : funny

2. Look there yes. Beautiful…

24 People Who Should Have Stayed Out Of The Sun Sunburn – God's ...

3. Batman there:

20 Ridiculous Examples Of Sunburn Art

4. When you have some funny buddies and fall asleep in the sun:

16 Horrible Sunburns (With images) | Tan fail, Funny sunburn ...

5. Guess he has been wearing caps yes:

SUMMER FASHION OF THE YEAR: You're going to be red and sexy on the beach! - Part 2

6. When the sun is frying while eating cereal:

When Sunburn is Actually Funny

7. Sunglasses and caps there:

Stay At Home Mum

8. Crocs:

Stay At Home Mum

9. Rock on:

People That Got Way Too Creative With Their Sunburns - Suntanned ...

10th Okay, a?

People Who Have Too Much Time on Your Hands | Friday funny ...

11th Beautiful:

Stay At Home Mum

12. Has cycled far yes:

Stay At Home Mum

13. Proper brown on upper body:

Stay At Home Mum

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