NEW RESEARCH: Here are the 9 best ways you can hedge against infection by the Corona virus

There is complete panic in both Norway and the rest of the world. Almost daily we hear about Norwegians who are infected with the Corona virus and last week a 44-year-old man coughed in Gjøvik. To secure you against Corona, several of eAvisa’s health journalists have been working for many days to find the best solutions to avoid infection

Mouthpieces made of oranges should be a good way to avoid infection. There are no recorded cases of infection in people who have used orange mouthpieces

DIY coronavirus masks.

Cover up with plastic. Solid plastic all over the body keeps the infection at a distance. Requires some work, but it’s worth

DIY coronavirus mask.

Large plastic bottles on the head work guaranteed. Also looks right and cool. It’s going to be a bonus.

DIY coronavirus mask.


DIY coronavirus mask.


DIY coronavirus mask.


DIY coronavirus mask.

The combination of mouthbands and tie is a sure winner. Says himself:

DIY coronavirus mask.


DIY coronavirus mask.

Freshwater helmet with fish is perhaps the best recipe. Goldfish won’t get infected by Corona, so you won’t be sure either. That’s how we hope it helped!

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