LATEST: Man sat with his cell phone in the bathroom for 3 hours. Then it happened cruel!

Ugly story!

A man in his 30s from Jessheim was on Sunday night sitting in the toilet for over 3 hours to trick himself away from housework and laying children. The man who is described by his loved ones as a normal person experienced his worst nightmare after 3 hours because he was sitting so long with his mobile phone in the bathroom

Legs fell asleep, blood splashed
The man who after a violent fuss from his wife had to end the toilet visit after 3 hours would get up to wash his hands and continue the day. It didn’t work out that way. The man’s legs had “fallen asleep” after sitting in the same position for so long and the man therefore fell over and smashed his nose into the sink. His nose completely snapped and the man made his way to his face, his nose bone stood straight up and his skin cracked all over his face. There was blood splashing all over the bathroom. This in turn resulted in him falling backwards and hitting the back of the head in the toilet bowl. Once again, the blood was splashing and the entire bathroom floor was covered in blood. “The blood stood like a fountain out of the back of the head and out of the broken nose”says the wife of the mobile phone-on-the-do-man.

Died of shrapnel in the head
The man, who now lost significant amounts of blood due to being in the bathroom with a mobile phone for more than three hours, later died of his injuries. “The man suffered such extensive injuries after his legs had fallen asleep so it was impossible to save the man”says nurse Berit Bøtte Vassvått to Eavisa. She now warns men to spend too long in the toilet with their mobile phone. “Yes you lose the concept of time when you sit in the bathroom with your phone to trick yourself away and it can at worst cost you your life like here”says the nurse

What do you mean? Could this have happened to you?

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