Here are the world’s 10 most dangerous drugs

Here is the list of the 10 most dangerous drugs in the world.

According to the medical journal The Lancet, these 10 drugs are most dangerous from a purely health perspective,
but also the harm each substance inflicts on the environment and society.

Abuse of drugs requires human life constantly, but worse are actually the indirect consequences. The most visible thing is crime. But also broken families, neglect and persistent mental disorders are known social accidents. Often the grime of the problem is also here, as many people caught in abuse are people who at some point have had an unsaturated need for psychiatric help. However, we should never forget that any abuse is voluntary, and so self-inflicted.

We start with No 10 and work our way up to No 1. We think the result will surprise big!

See only here:

10. Bensodiazepines
for example, Rohypnol and Sobril

Pillehuer are the second most common abusers in our society. Doctor-supported and NAV-funded, they exist everywhere.

These are relaxing substances that, among other things, make you “drowsy”. The drugs themselves do not cause death, but the social consequences are enormous. These are people who are often called prescription addicts or pill-heads, as these are often prescribed preparations that are abused in too large doses. Victims are often “invisible”


GHB was primarily a popular drug in the early 2000s, but has since become somewhat more unusual. MDMA and similar chemical compositions have taken over the space. The biggest problem with the latter is that the addict often hardly claims that the experiences in the intoxicated state are “real” … and one has therefore experienced persistent delusions.
A state not unknown from politics…

8. Cannabis (weed and marijuana)

The most commonly and most commonly used illegal drug. Unfortunately also seen as harmless and a way to cure starling disorders and other poorly documented conditions. Therefore, several politicians without spine have legalized these drugs in several places. Yet more and more studies show that Cannabis is a fantastic one way to develop mental health problems. Can often lead to psychoses, poor body odour and cruel breath, absent manner
… and a lousy 70s-inspired dress style.

7. Amphetamines

If you are sure to drop and sleep, Amphetamines are a good start and a guaranteed fade in one and the same product.

A very invigorating substance with extreme adverse effects both short-term and long-term. One thing is what it does to the head, but even more people experience a life after abuse with different forms of exhaustion, as the drug tends to give the addict a bracing sensation, which in turn uses up resources one does not have.
Similar to the party programme of the left-wing Red Party.

6. Tobacco (cigarettes)

There’s nothing sexier than girls smoking. They are extra sweet when they cough and harks in the morning.

The cigarette is 6 most dangerous on the list. Small short-term injuries often lead to fatal outcome in the longer term. How cigarettes work, most people know. You make huge fortunes on sales before half-over-imposed sanctions in the form of bullying of users put in.
Then you create a number of funds, and buy a cottage … which one again rents out at symbolic price to leading politicians.

5. Cocaine

The worst thing about cocaine addicts is that they have a persistent delusion that they are cool and wanted in society.

Cocaine is often a misunderstood “harmless substance”. The truth is that cocaine is one of the most addictive, most expensive and most harmful substances there is. Often inserted into the nose, sniffed up through rolled-up banknotes, and divided by credit card on mirror plate.
Normal political rhetoric will thus conclude that, as cash, cards and mirror use, cash, cards and mirrors have been removed.

4. Methamphetamine (meth or crystal meth)

The drug became world famous via the TV series “Breaking Bad“. Before then, no one knew what it was, and millions of abusers didn’t have the remotest idea of what it got in them. The drug is extremely dull and is one of the few drugs that can lead to immediate death.


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