BREAKING NEWS: Norwegian 101 year old lady gave birth to a daughter. Won NOK 12 million

“I’m so happy just,” says the freshly baked mother

Edel Bang Gnugerud from Vassfjordstranda has last night become the world’s first woman to have children since the age of 100. 101-year-old Edel had a healthy daughter and won over 12 million kroner at the odds. “Typical that this happens just before I’m going to die”says Edel

Slept with a boy from Halden
Edel says that after a city trip nine months ago, she came with a handsome man into her room after a party in the common room of the old home where she lives. “His name is Jon-Birger and he’s 18 years younger than me,” Noble boasts as she eats porridge. “I love porridge”smiles Noble. The daughter is healthy and fast and lies in the arms of the mother and breastfeeding. “I’m having a good time, but I think Birger could have contributed a little more. He just sits in his room eating dates.” she says, adding; “He’s so bad in magan. Dates work wonders of the intestinal system of the latsabben” she says


Became pregnant after liqueur night at the old home: Edel Bang Gnugerud gave birth the night of Tuesday his daughter, who is now 0 years old. She had children with Birger, who grew up in Halden, close to the Swedish border.

Won 12 million the night before
The night before, Edel sat and played online on a casino website. “After sitting alone in my old home now for 12 years, I decided to waste my legacy playing. My kids haven’t been here once in the last 12 years.” says Edel. Instead of wasting her inheritance as a last joke to the absent children, however, she won a whopping NOK 12 million. “Yes, it’s so typical. I’m sure the kids will be visiting soon.” says Edel more easily annoyed as she forks in on Napoleon cake and chews comb-over shouts

Latest update: Kids have already turned up and say they love their mom load

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