DOCTORS WARN: New global virus called ID-10T spreads like wildfire

OSLO: A group of researchers at the Norwegian Centre for Virus and Bacterium are turning on all warning drums and asking Nordic men to stay indoors until Monday, September 32. A new highly infected virus named ID-10T has been found on over 3 million people worldwide in the last 24 hours alone.

Spreading via people
The new virus named after people is aggressive, highly infectious and extremely difficult to get. “Wesee that this virus is infecting people to people and that it often appears to be serious” says doctor and infectious disease manufacturer Ronny Bank Vold from Drammen East. He believes this virus is much much much more dangerous than, for example, the more well-known virus Kånrad19 that the world has been fighting against in recent months

go to the cabin
At risk of infection of ID-10T among the population, the doctor advises all Norwegians to stay away from the cabin. “Go abroad. If you’re infected, it’s better that you go abroad until you’re healthy, that way we get the virus out of the country and prevent its spread.” he says, pointing out that one can of course demonstrate along with many thousands of others even if one suspects that one is infected by ID-10T

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