Distraught parents realize that their 28-year-old son plans to live there even after quarantine

Leif-Gunnar and Lill-Anette Knikke from Rælingen are distraught. They have a son who next week turns 28. For the past four weeks he has been staying at home with his parents after he had to be quarantined after a trip to Italy a couple of months ago. Now the parents insist that their son is likely to not be allowed to move out after the quarantine period is over

Having a
great time
The son tells eAvisa that the quarantine time with his parents has been fantastic. “We’re together every day and night, we watch movies together and mom dishes up with several meals every single day. I’m having a great time. he smiles. He sees no reason to move back to his 43 sqm apartment in Oslo. “Ha ha ha, no I’m better off here. Taking care of my parents” he says while taking another beer from his father’s refrigerator

I don’t
know what to say.
The parents, on the other hand, seem a little annoyed and very despairing. “We’re afraid we’ll never get rid of him,”says mother Lill-Anette as her lower lip trembles. She’s almost in tears. “He’s been here every day for 4 weeks now. I wash clothes, cook and have to sit and listen to everything he’s interested in. I feel like my life has been paused. He’s got to move out. says the mother before the emotions take over and she erupts into tears. “Mymom is touched and happy to have me here,” says the son, who obviously thinks he is welcome to continue living with his parents.

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