BREAKING NEWS: You’ll now be fined £960 if you don’t record the dog poop after your dog

Introducing hefty fines for dog poop

The Norwegian Centre for Regulations and Behaviour in Gjøvik has today decided that the police can fine dog owners who do not take up the stool to their four-legged friends. “In high time”comments an elderly lady who has repeatedly annoyed herself about this.

Fines of NOK 9600
The fines you get for not cleaning up after your dog is NOK 9600,” says police officer Håvard Harr Herre Hansen. He explains that it may also be relevant with dots on the driving licence and that the dog can be euthanized on the spot. “There are far too many dog owners who buy dogs but are unable to catch up with the dog. These dogs we can euthanize if we find it necessary” he says

Relatert bilde
Cleaning up after himself: Certain breeds of dogs can be trained to clean up after themselves once they have been to the bathroom. The Animal Centre South department says in a press release that they think the responsibility for recording dog poop should lie with the dog itself. “It’s pure logic” the press release states.

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Asking people to report each other
Because the police have limited means, they now invite people and look after each other. “If you see someone who’s out for a dog, we hope you can follow them until the dog does. If they don’t pick up the dog poop, call the police and make a civil arrest at the scene” says the policeman. He points out that violence is allowed if the dog owner is not calm and smiles. “Yeshere it is just to patch them down in the most efficient way possible” he says

What do you mean? Are you going to arrest and follow dog owners and beat them up in the future? Are you one of those people who annoys you about this or do you think there are bigger problems in the world??

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