BREAKING NEWS: Woman ate up the food before posting a photo of it on Facebook. Blaming hunger

“I have no idea how I did it” says the woman herself

A woman from Oslo decided on Monday afternoon that she should go to a restaurant with her husband. The purpose, of course, was to be served a 3-course that the woman’s Facebook friends could watch and perhaps at best become envious of. It didn’t work out that way this time.

Ate up the food before the photo?
The woman who by acquaintances and colleagues Eavisa has spoken to is perceived as both normal and upbeat. Yet she managed the mastery piece to eat up the food on her plate before taking a picture, throwing away a stunning picture of restaurant food and possibly several ten-figure likes. “I feel stupid, but I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was incredibly hungry” the stupid woman excuses herself

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Pathetic blunder: The woman in her 30s blames hunger for explaining how she managed to eat up her food before posting a picture of it on Facebook

Rare phenomenon
Facebook user and pr guru Lars Bøtte Vått says that the incident has been noticed in the SOME environment (social media). “This does not happen often so this I would describe as a rare phenomenon” he says to Eavisa in an electronic mail letter. The woman herself is distraught and wonders if she may have had a minor stroke or perhaps a drip that made her forget to post the photo before eating the food. “Yes, it’s not a thing. I’m so keen to post pictures of my food on Face and i can do this? No, I’m scared and sad.” terminates the woman who has been sitting with her hands in her forehead for many hours due to the incident

How serious is this? Could you have made this mistake?

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