Top 8 worst things you DON’T want to happen to your body on 1 date!

The exciting 1 date!

Most of us have probably been there; The exciting first date where you full of nerves hope that this can be the great love once and for all. For some reason, the body is usually a real asshole when you’re going on these dates. Most people probably recognize in one or more of these reactions from the body that do everything it can to ruin your date:

1. Instant diarè. You’re desperately chasing the nearest toilet!

2. Excessive nervous and especially foul-smelling sweating raids:

3. Fertility erection detected:

4. Extreme nausea. You notice that it’s a matter of seconds!

5. An allergic super-reaction that makes you look DEADLY!:

6. Sudden spasms that you have never experienced before:

7. OI, it’s suddenly that day of the month and you don’t bring anything! ALLRIGHT!

8. You just said hello. You think you’re dropping a silent one, but discover that it was a little more than that yes…:

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