BREAKING NEWS: Svetlana and Olga start fishing courses for Norwegian men who want to learn and fish

“We’re looking forward to it” beams the girls

The Russian and fishing girls Svetlana and Olga these days move to Norway. Here they will start a fishing school for Norwegian men who want to learn and fish. “The course takes place over a weekend and costs 2500 kr night… ehh day” says the girls who fish mass

Many already signed up
The girls say they already have over 50 enrolled men who have said they want to learn and fish. “We posted an ad on a website where we wrote that we wanted to teach fishing and suddenly we had bookings worth over 100,000 Norwegian kroner” tells the girls and continues; “We’re looking forward to it. The first course will be at a cabin in Trysil where we will first undergo theory courses at the cabin before starting the practical fishing training at a later occasion” says Svetlana

Image caption Sexy girl fishing
Skal lære norske menn og fiske: Russiske Svetlana (bildet) gleder seg til å få besøk av masse menn som betaler masse penger. “Interessen rundt fisking er stor i Norge så det er allerede utrolig mange menn som har svart på annonsene våre” stråler den fiskeglade jenta

Love big rods
Both Olga and Svetlana love fishing. “Ever since I turned 16 I have loved big and long rods”says Olga. Both she and her friend can’t wait to see the selection of close rods the Norwegian men bring.”Yes there are so many different rods so this will be exciting”beams Svetlana while Olga nods consensually. “In the first place, it will only be fishing courses for men” concludes Olga without completely telling why

What are you thinking? Okay with a fishing course maybe?

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