The worst and most embarrassing sporting moment of all time

This is embarrassing! (photos and video)

In the heat of battle, you don’t always have control over what’s going on! For example, it’s quick to pull off your opponent’s pants, or lick them under your arm, right? What we don’t understand is why many people should wear these condom clothes? It’s a little too fast for your pants to unravel in the ass? Do they want to show off or is it bad luck? We don’t know, but with today’s camera lenses, it comes under pressure. Guaranteed!

1. Nice!
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2. Be discreet and no one sees you….

Top 20 most embarrassing moments in sport -

3. Wrestling there…

11 Hilarious and Embarrassing Moments in Sports - Modern Man

4. Pupae!
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5. Ohann!
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6. AU!
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7. This one has another sour taste!
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8. It’s bitchy!
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9. That’s what happens when things take place!

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