The world’s worst toilets. Had you sat down on any of these?

If you have to, you have to be something called. But had you sat down in any of these toilets even if you were really in need? The most incredible thing about these pictures is that someone found out that; “Sure, that’s how we can make this toilet.” The world is crazy.

  1. Here you can look out at all those who can peek in while sitting there:

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  2. Here you and your friend can look each other deep in the eyes while doing no1 or no2

    25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

  3. When it is fully in this toilet, the view for those who sit is amazing:

    The 11 Funniest Bathroom Design Fails | Bathroom design, Bathroom ...

  4. No one can see your face in any case:

    12 Funniest Toilet Construction Disasters - toilet construction ...

  5. You can withstand walking some stairs well:

    Stairway to Heaven #toilet #fail | Plumber humor, Bathroom humor ...

  6. Not for those who want to boost their self-esteem:

    25 Bathroom Fails So Awkward You'll Never Want To Pee Again - YouTube

  7. Here you can just sit down and relax. Plenty of space:

    Toilet fail

  8. For those who are real best friends:

    Awkward Bathroom Design Fails

  9. Yes, here’s just bending down:

    These Plumbing Fails Will Make You Question the Stupidity in the ...

  10. Here you sit in peace. Just closing the doors:

    25 epic construction fails - LetsBuild

  11. Half price for sure:

    epic-funny-toilet-fail-construction-photos-images-15 - Mojly

  12. It’s fine if someone comes swimming by:

    Funny Design Fails That Will Have You Laughing Into Next Week

  13. It is law and ask: WHY??

    Glass Toilet - see through! I don't know, this just seems really ...

  14. Here you stand close yes:

    Bad Architecture Design Creates Weird Urinal Placement | Design ...

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