BREAKING NEWS: Russia accused of fake moon landing, releasing photo evidence proving they were there last week

Fake news is a problem. There are hundreds of them every single day, but sometimes some are also accused of making fake news without it being. Russian President Vladimir Putin today released this photo to prove that Russia landed on the moon last week

A lot of people thought we were lying.
In the press release that comes directly from the Kremlin, Russia writes that they have grown tired of some accusing them of cheating and fantasies. “Here’s the photo graphic, here you see that we were on the moon and here you see that you were wrong,” the press release also signed by Putin’s right-hand man Vladimir Patè Levrski says.

Is still
on the moon
Furthermore, the message states that Russia is still on the moon and that they are still researching the ecosystem on the moon. “We find daily new signs of life and we will be here for a long time. In fact, we believe that the moon is now ours. It’s no longer called the moon, but Little Russia. it is further stated in the press release which also has a number of smile emoji

eAvisa follows has its own correspondent on the moon and follows the case closely. In the event of changes in the situation, we come back with more heavy journalistic work

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