BREAKING NEWS: People look forward to being able to stare at their phones in groups again

The Government has finally given room for Norwegians to function as before after the restrictions due to the Corona virus have characterized our social life. This means friends can now finally meet looking at their mobile in groups up to 20 people

Max 20 people
The Government has thus opened the way for Norwegians to meet to stare at their mobile phones. 20 people are max, but for most of us it will be more than enough. Social life can start again as we know it: Mobile, together, little talking, lots of likes. “We know that people have been looking forward to being together while they stare at their mobile so this is amazing,” mobile expert Birger Høy Stakk told eAvisa

Back to normal
With their mobile in hand, Norwegians should be able to enjoy themselves together again. “There won’t be many conversations, but just being able to experience staring at your phone without being alone is a dream“says Mobile Minister Raymond Ring Smart. He has an Iphone, but has several friends who have Android mobiles. “Yes I’m generous like that”he says while smiling like a real good boy

What are you thinking, is it nice that life is underway again and that we can be together while we stare at the phone?

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