BREAKING NEWS: Hospital ordered wrong face masks. Now all staff at the hospital must use these

A hospital in the United States has either ordered errors or they have a hoaxer at the procurement department. In the search for face masks, 7,000 masks were ordered that no one thought to be seen in a hospital. “Anincredibly bad joke if that’s what this is all about”says the hospital director

Must wear the masks
Although the vast majority of staff at the hospital refused to wear the vulgar face masks, it ended up with all 500 employees now wearing these masks. “Many people get angry and think it’s disrespectful while others laugh themselves to death”says a doctor who estimates that as many as 30 patients have died as a result of having laughed themselves to death

Half Face Mask Funny Dick Nose Willy Face Dicky Big Teeth Fancy ...
Ordered 7000 such masks: At a hospital in the United States, 500 employees are now treating patients with this face mask. The director of the hospital calls for full investigation

Requires answers
The hospital director who is thus furious about the situation requires finding out who is responsible for the unfortunate joke or misunderstanding. “If it turns out that this is a joke from one of my employees I’ll talk hard to the person and say that he or she is extremely vile”says the director who himself also has to wear the face mask

What do you mean, do you realize that the hospital director is furious?

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