BREAKING NEWS: New evidence that Donald Trump has been developed by China to destroy the Western world

New evidence is emerging that the incumbent US president has been developed in China’s laboratory to destroy peace and order in the UNITED States and the Western world in general. “There is no longer any doubt. Donald Trump is the result of aggressive ire like we’ve never put it before.” professor Lars Nedover Bakke told eAvisa

Has removed many
human properties
The study shows that at first glance, Trump can both look and appear like an ordinary human being. “Yesit is well done, but the moment he starts talking one notices that it lacks human qualities such as empathy, humility, intelligence and charm” says the researcher. He believes China is behind Donald Trump

China is
not responding
eAvisa has repeatedly tried to get in touch with the Chinese Embassy in Oslo for a comment. It has not been successful to connect with any representatives at the embassy, but a Chinese chef from Mjøndalen tells eAvisa that it is China that is behind Donald Trump. We see no reason to question the Chinese chef and thus conclude that joda; Donald Trump is the result of a vicious warfare carried out at the Chinese laboratory

What do you mean? Does it seem plausible. Say your opinion by block letters in the comments everywhere on the internet

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