BREAKING NEWS: Man (44 years old) in expensive suit with great title has discovered that his job is completely meaningless

After working as Key Account Senior Manager Adviser, the Korona situation has revealed that Svein-Åge Kåkk has a job that has no bearing on society other than building up his self-esteem.

Talking nonsense
Svein-Åge’s job consists mostly of talking superficial nonsense with potential customers who never buy any of the company he works in.”I have believed for many years that I have contributed to the company doing well, but now look after being laid off as a result of the Corona situation that my silly conversations with potential customers are only an expense for the company”, says Svein-Åge himself by phone with eAvisa

Good at wearing a suit
I see that perhaps my only good attribute is to wear a suit, and there is no good recognition to make”says Svein-Åge. He will now, at the age of 44, try to figure out what to do next with his life. “Impossible to say, maybe I’ll just get on with the job or maybe I’ll just leave my wife and be with a rich older lady over 90 years old,” concludes the once-important businessman in an expensive suit with great title

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