BREAKING NEWS: Man who said he never gets sunburnt got one-time burn. Must be inside for 3 weeks

A man in his 30s lies at home in his apartment and writhes in pain. The man is severely burned after a day in the sun. The man is known by friends and family to be the one who always says he doesn’t have to smear himself since he never gets sunburnt

Enjoyed the
It was after a full day out in the sun in Oslo that the man ended up with 1 time of combustion. “Ithought I didn’t have to smear myself with sunscreen as I almost never get burned,”says the man by phone with eAvisa’s summer journalist. The man is pink all over his body and is in great pain as a result of enjoying himself in the sun without smearing himself. Now the man must be indoors for 3 weeks to recover

Known problem
among men
Researcher and doctor at the Norwegian Centre for Sun Damage Gudjon Solstad says that this is a common problem among men. “Yes for some strange reason we see that many men think it’s cool or tough to say they never get burned. These men get burned time and time again so why they say this is a little incomprehensible” he says as he shakes his head

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