BREAKING NEWS: Government closes all outlets with alcohol for 2 months

After several cases of infection in recent days, the government has decided to close all nightlife venues as well as liquor stores in Norway. The reason is that the vast majority of cases of infection in recent days include alcohol. “Wesee that where there is alcohol, there is infection”says spokesman for the government’s Corona-komitè Arild Avhold Andersen

Closes all outlets
The ban will take effect as early as Friday this week. “All places where alcohol is sold will have to close. This applies to Vinmonopolet, nightlife venues serving alcohol as well as grocery stores where beer and cider are sold“it’s called in the press release. In practice, this means that only petrol stations and fast food outlets will stay open for the next 2 months. “Wedo this to stop more spread of infection”says Andersen

Fearing zero alcohol
eAvisa has spoken to a number of Norwegians who drink alcohol daily. Several of these are skeptical of the alcohol ban now being introduced. “It’s not okay. The only thing that gets me through everyday life is alcohol. When I don’t get alcohol, I’m afraid of what everyday life is like. Most likely, it will be very boring” says Odd Ginstad from Øllerud southwest of Vinerud. ” Zero alcohol may remove the Corona virus, but it doesn’t remove my withdrawals”says the very annoyed man

eAvisa follows the case further. We advise everyone to stock up on enough alcohol so you don’t have to run out of wine, beer or spirits. Nothing is worse than running out of alcohol

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