BREAKING NEWS: Jogging can extend life by 2 years, but shortens it by 4 years

A comprehensive study conducted by the Norwegian Centre for Interpersonal Relations states that jogging can extend lifespan by 2 years. The problem is that jogging also shortens life by 4 years. “If you’re smart, you don’t jog” says famous scientist

Wasting time
Jogging, or pointless drilling of energy as it is really considered positive. Now research shows that anyone who jogs is really just wasting their life. “We see that if you jog for 40 minutes it gives you 20 minutes longer life, but you’ve been jogging for 40 minutes so you’re going to lose it to put it that way”says researcher and anti-jogging expert Håvard Vaske Hanske to eAvisa

Enjoy yourself instead
At the same time, the research report shows that those who spend time with family, friends or girlfriends instead of running around are far happier than those who jog. “How often do you see a jogger smiling really” asks the researcher. We must admit that we have rarely or never seen that. Then the conclusion is clear; stop jogging

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