24 of the world’s worst selfies where people forgot to check the background

Most of us take selfies to document both holidays and everyday life. Most of us usually also check the photos we post carefully before we post them. These, on the other hand, did not check so very carefully:

    1. Spider Photo-Bombs A Selfie
    2. I May See A Better Selfie Of A Man, A Baby And A Dog This Month But I Doubt It
    3. Even This Dog Is Sick Of Her Selfies
    4. Probably The Best Photobomb Of All Time
    5. Selfie Background Fail
    6. Mirror Selfie. Look Closely
    7. Reflection Fail
    8. Little Girl Selfie Gets Photobombed By Bear-Like Father
    9. You Could Have Left Something In The Shower
    10. That Moment Your Camera Focuses On A Horse's Butt Instead Of Your Selfie
    11. Buddy Sent Us A Picture Of His Turf-Burn. When You See It
    12. Just Me, Myself And I
    13. So Happy With My New Hair
    14. Sneaky Selfie

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