15 rednecks that fixed the car all on its own

Car repair shop is nonsense

If you get damage to the car or are so unlucky and crash you can quickly encounter very high workshop bills. Does it have to be so? No, mostly you can fix yourself. Here’s the evidence that auto repair shop is just nonsense. Fix your car yourself in minutes. Simple and not least free:

Shattered lantern, here’s how to fix it:
That’s how yes:
A Coke can fixes most things:

A new lock has never been more affordable:
Do not hang say:

Nailet it:
Gaffa tape fixes EVERYTHING:
Take a car here and a car there and it’ll be great:
Safety first:
Samma it well. Wheels are wheels:
Cup holder rednecks-style:
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Can not drive without mirror say:
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It’s okay to lock the door properly:
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