13 of the worst and most expensive job accidents created by the biggest claws

We often experience mini-accidents at work. I guess we all know a clumsy one that can always mess it up. However, these claws are on a whole new level. Here we talk about the most expensive workplace accidents created by typical job-claws:

  1. Cement Truck Mishap
  2. Don't Tailgate A School Bus When Your Car Is Shaped Like A Door Stop
  3. Florida House Split Via Crane Mishap
  4. Parking On The Beach
  5. The Slide Opened Inside The Aircraft
  6. Two Carnival Cruise Ships Colliding
  7. Tug Hit An A300
  8. A Rock'n Boat
  9. Trailer Full Of New 2020 Shelby Gt500s Tipped Over In Detroit Today.
  10. Crane Toppled Onto House | Heavy equipment, Funny accidents, Trucks
  11. Workplace Accident | Gif Finder – Find and Share funny animated ...
  12. Top 10 Home Improvement Fails in GIF Format

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