10 girls who have a world record you DON’T want

Some girls go a little further than everyone else

In this series of pictures we have addressed some girls who have the great passion that they will be VERY special. Whether they should have chosen exactly these special ways to stand out is rather a little uncertain:

1. Asha Mandela has 5.8 meter long dreadslocks. This is without a doubt the world’s longest.

Pin on Hair (Culture)

2. Charity Pierce is the thickest in the world. She weighs an incredible 346 kilos!
Relatert bilde

3. Cathie Jung has the world’s smallest waist of 38.1 cm circumference

World record breaking smallest waist, Cathie Jung – Lorla Loves Logic

4. Elaine Davidson is the woman with the most piercings. She even thinks she has over 1,000 piercings. It’s pure lying, but she has many:
Bilderesultat for Elaine Davidson

5. Jasmine Tridevil has taken the crotch and had surgery on a third breast. We all agree that it is both practical and beautiful.

Mom took a leap when Jasmine (21) came home from plastic surgeon

6. Aneta Florczuk is four times named the world’s strongest woman:
Bilderesultat for Aneta Florczuk


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