Vegan Britt is shit tired that everyone thinks vegan and mental illness is the same

Britt Gul Roterud from Kålstad is bored. She’s tired. She’s exhausted and she’s just a little angry. The reason is that Britt, who for many months has now been vegan, is tired of no one understanding the difference between being vegan and mentally ill. “It’s not the same” mills Britt

Is very flabby
Britt says she went vegan four months ago. She decided not to eat meat or anything that came from animals whatsoever. In recent months, she has lost friends, been let go and lost over 13 kilos in 2 months. “It’s worth it, but it’s clear I miss having excess and to bear to lift the water glass with just one hand”she says. She doesn’t think the development of recent months has anything to do with her not eating meat anymore. “Ha ha, no you don’t get off to be vegan,” she says as she yawns

Has nut allergy
In addition to having just become vegan, Britt has also found that she has severe nut allergy. “It’s a bit silly then because I ate a lot of nuts to get food in me, but now I don’t eat it either”says Britt who has to interrupt the interview to sleep for 18 hours again. “But anyway; you don’t have to be crazy in your head even if you’re vegan actually” quits the once-bubbly girl before she falls asleep

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