THE LATEST: Man (44 years old) suffered severe tinnitus after 25 years of constant complaining from wife

A man who for several years has been scolded by son beloved wife was today diagnosed with“severe tinnitus as a result of constant fuss, mouth and nagging from his wife”. The doctor who wrote the diagnosis tells that such disorders as a result of acidic women are becoming increasingly common

The doctor says that in recent years there have been increasing sufferings among middle-aged men. “I see daily men in their prime who struggle with low self-esteem, depression and tinnitus as a result of constant fuss and demands from their “loved ones” says the doctor. He believes more and more men will eventually get serious diagnoses as a result of women’s nagging and constant demands on the man

Calm and free
from the wife
The doctor tells that the only treatment that helps is to get sufficient rest at a good distance from the wife. “If you stay away from your loved one for7-8 months with a lot of rest, rest and beer you can get well”concludes the renowned doctor

Are you injured after years of nagging from your partner or wife? Take care of yourself, find peace and distance from the nagging and you will get better in the end

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