McDonald’s must remove statue as it depicts everyone with red hair as clowns

“Unhealthy people with red hair are people too” says association leader Giske Kålrot of the association for people with unhealthy lifestyles and red hair. Now McDonald’s is removing all statues of the clown worldwide and sorry that for years they have harassed redheads at the most serious

The decision comes after massive pressure on social media where unhealthy people with red hair feel harassed by the smiling clown who is often seen outside the popular fast food restaurant. “They basically say that everyone with red hair is clowns”says a red-haired clown…. ehh man to eAvisa “We are now removing all statues immediately from all the world’s restaurants,” reads the press release issued from the headquarters of McDonald’s in Sortland. “This is the time, there has been enough bullying of people with red hair who eat large amounts of hamurgists and fries”says man with red hair while eating hamburg

Can dye your hair
Several people point out in the comments that one can only change the hair color of the statues and thus solve the whole problem, but this is blankly rejected by people with bright, dark, medium blond and black hair. “A victory for us people who love hamburger and pomme frittes and who have red hair” says a woman from Skien East. Read more about Skien here

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