THE LATEST: Government prepares for new shutdown of society because Norwegians are mostly selfish and social jerks

After the government for a few weeks ago closed up the community after a more or less total lockdown due to the Corona virus it looks like we once again have to prepare for a few months indoors. The reason is that many Norwegians are jerks.

See no other way out
The government writes in its press release that they now expect to have to shut down society once again. “After seeing many jerks walking in demonstrations, lying close to the beach and raving around drunk at night, we see no other way out than to once again shut down the community” great it in the press release from the government that is completely devoid of positive emojis such as smiley face, heart face or thumb upwards. That means it’s serious

The blame for the upcoming lockdown gives the government people. The Norwegian people. “Yes there is nothing else to say. Because of people, the infection is now back at record pace and especially among young people (Read; young and selfish jerks) it now seems that we have no other choice” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg from a basement apartment on Kløfta where she is quarantined after eating breaded bats….. Wait… Ha?? No, i guess this can’t be right… Or? Sure, this is right. After all, it says on the internet

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