THE LATEST: 7-child father builds time machine to travel back in time to kill the person who invented child support

For the past 7 months, a 46-year-old father of 7 children from Drammen has been working intensely on his latest invention. “I’m building a time machine. I’m sure a lot of people will laugh at me, but I’m on to something now. And my motivation is sky-high.” says the man who thus has a total of 7 children aged 1 year and up to 8 years

7 children with
7 different
The man who describes himself as a very attractive man says he owes over NOK 2 million in child support. “I can’t afford this, it’s simply not possible. The only hope I have is to make this time machine, travel back in time and kill the person who came up with this silly solution with child support” he says. The man has 7 children with 7 different and is expecting his 8 child with the sister of the mother of child number 2. “There is going to be an outcry without equal” says the man

Watching children 2
hours every month
As the man is convicted and spends a lot of time in prison, there is limited time he spends with his 7, soon 8 children. “I normally sit in 8-9 months every year. There is talk of petty crimes such as robbery, drugs and aggravated violence” says the man who now believes he has soon managed to build a working time machine.”Yes, I’m going to do this. No doubt about it” ends the very fertile man

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