The happy boy Lars-Aleksander doesn’t care what people say about him. I like clown and cheese pop, that’s just the way it is he says

Gluten-inlerant Lars-Aleksander Wash Bucket is not like everyone else. He doesn’t have a job, he drinks every day and he loves pizza. Yet he thrives best in his own company. He spends his days eating various pizzas for breakfast, lunch and evening and doesn’t care that others think he’s living the wrong way. Next to the pizza, he always has cheese pop. “Ostepop ruler” he says

Unnecessary to work
Lars-Aleksander has been without a job for many years. “It has nothing to do with me not getting a job, but rather that I find it pathetic and completely unnecessary to work when you can get money without working while you lie in bed eating crispbread and watching clown. he says. Lars-Aleksander lives with the stepmother of Uncle Rolf, who was previously married to the aunt of his cousin named Beate. “Beate is a strange screw” says Lars-Aleksander

In the bedroom hang posters of various clowns. “I’ve always liked clowns and when I was growing up and became a man it fell completely natural to me and interest me in clown. We’re a bunch of 18 cool guys who have their own club. I can’t say who’s in the club, but I only have 18 friends on Facebook, hints. he says while smiling in a beautiful way. “I’ve probably got quirky interests, but I’m sure everyone else has that too,” lars-aleksander concludes before grabbing a beer with salt and paprika flavours.

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