The government is releasing corona restrictions. No longer need to wash your hands after pooping

Once again, the government is informing of new easing of the Corona restrictions. “Weno longer see any reason to wash our hands after a visit,” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg, referring to the smitten figures for Korona that are now more or less absent. She thinks people are now looking forward to a slightly more normal life where you don’t have to wash your hands after you’ve been to the bathroom

Little or
no infection
The new reliefs come after The Corona appears to be gone. “Yes this is fun. We won. says a very relieved Prime Minister. Several others in the government are probably smiling knowingly that a number of leftover wives are now gone. “I’m going to go to the cabin, go to the bathroom and stand very closeto people in the shop” says a government member who wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of infection control rules

Can cough out in the air
Another joyful news is that you can now also cough straight into the air. “Yes one can reach both cough, sneeze and snowflow without having to cover your face like a maniac” Solberg smiles and demonstrates this by sneeze in the face of the nearest journalist. There will be laughter in the hall and people seem to be enjoying themselves now that you don’t have to worry about hygiene. “You have to live a little bit too “concludes the Prime Minister

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