The 11 WORST things girls HATE when it comes to sex!

Free tips for the guys!

Girls and boys don’t always have the same desires when it comes to sex. You often say that communication is the best way to fix bed problems, but it’s not always possible to stop to talk a little first. Here are 10 tips for all the boys who think they know what the girls like when they’re touring in bed together:

1. No matter what you do; Don’t be VERY keen. Most women need a long time to get orgasm. Slow, loving and correct. not SUPER AS FAST AND FAST:
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2. An important advice boys! NO girls LIKE sex! True story!
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3. Surveys show that only 50% of girls like oral sex. Don’t waste your time on oral sex when the girl doesn’t like it anyway. Just asking, right?
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4. Most girls get orgasm when they are proposed to so this is a sure tip:
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5. 9 out of 10 girls are very keen for the penis to be the greatest possible. If you have a large penis, it usually always goes well!
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6. Don’t be desperate. Says the lady no to sex so just pretend it’s all right:

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