BREAKING NEWS: Husband died after waiting for wife to finish in bathroom

A man in his 50s died on Tuesday morning after he had to wait several hours for his wife to finish the bathroom. The wife who was “just going to fix herself” spent hours and her husband died when he couldn’t serve either food or drink for all the hours his wife stood in the bathroom to doll himself up

Was only a matter of time
Psychologist and behavioural expert Lars Børre Vått tells eAvisa that the man simply died of exhaustion while waiting for his wife. “It’s really weird this hasn’t happened before. We know that many men sit like statues waiting for their wife to finish the bathroom.” he says. According to him, it was only a matter of time before this would happen. “Womensay they shouldteen up, but the truth is that men spend over 39 years of their lives waiting for them to finish in the bathroom,” says the psychologist

No food or drink
The man who died waiting for his wife was used to being served both food and drink by his wife when he felt hunger and thirst. This time, the woman was more concerned with shaving her legs, sings her lower lip and washing the fringe that allows her to now enjoy the next few years as a widow. “It’s a clear call for all the women out there who stand to paint their faces to be pretty that they prefer to make sure that the man doesn’t starve to death.” ends the psychologist who is not married. ” No you know what, I don’t have time to have a wife,” he says.

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