RIGHT NOW: Man who told him not to drink yesterday is extremely drunk today

A man from Drammen is lying sunday morning wondering if he should call the ambulance. The reason is that he drank over a whole bottle of Gin yesterday. This happened despite the fact that earlier in the day the man told several people that he should not drink alcohol yesterday.

Drank and enjoyed
The man who, by several, is believed to have a drinking problem believes even he does not drink too much. “Justyesterday I probably drank too much”says the man who forgets that he has said that sentence 23 times already in 2020. Either way, the man enjoyed himself with acquaintances yesterday. He increasingly mixed drinks and in the evening the drinks were at level 50/50 with Gin and household juice

Never drink again
eAvisa has been at home and interviewed the man. We sat on the bedside where the man was lying and gulped and was afraid to die. One of the questions we asked was whether the man should drink again. “No I’m not going to vaffal”replied the man with a low voice before he gulped up some bile. The man has been throwing up all day. “Can you get the paracet and a glass of water for me?”asks the man. “No we can’t, we’re going home and writing this thing” we unfortunately had to answer

Update 11:54 a.m.: The man has been taken to the emergency room. It turned out that the man had been poisoned by the household juice with which he mixed Gin. This juice had expired on April 3, 2004

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