Research: Snoring increases the chance of having your throat cut by your girlfriend while sleeping!

“Yes this is true” says researcher

The State Center for Interpersonal Relations is known for researching and analyzing very specific topics. Read all their studies here. This week they have researched men snoring as well as the likelihood of annoyed girlfriends cutting across the man’s throat to avoid hearing more snoring.

9 out of 10 women have rated it
In the comprehensive research report, it emerges that 9 out of 10 Norwegian women have considered various violent acts as a result of the man’s snoring. “Yes we discovered that the vast majority of women have either considered stabbing the man in the throat or in more extreme cases cutting off the head completely”says researcher Jan Juss Jessen who led the research. He thinks Norwegian men live dangerously. “Yes it’s probably only a matter of time before we see an increase in throat injuries in men snoring”he says

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Common throughout Norway: This is a very common sight in many Norwegian homes where the man snores. Now scientists on the internet believe that it is only a matter of time before a wave of murder frame men snoring

Anonymous women agree
A woman who has been sleeping next to what she describes as a drooling snoring hell confirms that she has repeatedly stood next to her husband with the knife in her hand. “Several times there has been only talk of coincidences that have made me not mutilate my husband while he lies there and breks like an annoyingly injured sheep” she says. She is reasonably sure that one day in the near future she will stick the knife into her irritating man’s throat. “Yes that’s enough,”she says annoyedly.

Snoring your husband? Then maybe you know this is true?

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